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Conference Presenter Profile

Azhar, Zahra

Name: Azhar, Zahra

Professional Title: Ph.D. candidate in Public Law

Affiliation: Shahid Beheshti University

Country: Iran

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Justice Education in Emergency Situation
  • The Role of Game-based Learning in Advancement Street Law

Short Bio: Zahra Azhar is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Law in Shahid Beheshti University. She is a member of Icon_S ) The international society of Public Law( and also GAJE (Global Alliance For Justice Education). She has an experience to work in different universities, state and non-state sectors. She was lecturer in Mofid University and University of Religions and Denominations. she was secretary of Peace Department of UNESCO chair of peace, democracy and human rights – Tehran, Assistance in ICRC project in customary international law, 2012, Assistance in Max Blank project in English-Urdu Dictionary in Law, 2014. She was a Member of Special Committee of Office of the President on Investigating Plasco Building Collapse. 2016-2017 and Legal Advisor in The Office of President Undersecretary on Education, Research and Civil Rights. 2016-2017. She also Contributing to a regional report on MENA countries for the UN Gender Lens on Business and Human Rights, Iran Division and was Director of Legal Clinic of Mofid University, 2017. She has different articles in international and national revenues. Her main interest and field of study is Constitutional Law, Philosophy of public law, History of political though and Justice education.

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