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Title: Use of Social Media in Teaching and Learning Law (Learning from experience of three continents and Thirteen Universities)

Lead Presenter: Upadhyay, Niteesh Kumar


  1. Tanim, Laila

Session Abstract: Use of Social Media in Teaching and Learning Law (Learning from experience of three continents and Thirteen Universities) The virtual world has crossed the country borders and had made the inter-country and intercultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. In the present era, there is strong need to learn from different jurisdictions. Our recent project is based on the same motive and vision. Under this project, Galgotias University (India) in collaboration with Romanian-American University (Romania) and Anadolu University (Turkey), University of Gothenburg, Law Faculty, University of Tirana, Albania, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Ankara University Law Faculty, Turkey, Snmar Law And Research Centre, Nepal, Universidsd Autonoma De Bucaramanga, Colombia, United World School of Law, Karnavati University, India, Cambridge Centre For Applied Research In Human Trafficking, UK, Alexandru Loan Cuza University, Romania conducted various programs on women rights between 1st and 8th March and celebrated in true spirit the International Women Rights Day on 8th, March. Various activities are conducted in all the thirteen Universities for spreading awareness about Women Rights and Rights enshrined under CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women). The awareness project started first on facebook by creating a group of students and faculty for spreading awareness about human rights. This group was almost a virtual legal aid and awareness clinic, which worked in thirteen different states at the same time. All the thirteen universities conducted various lectures, awareness programs, and photography competitions to teach women rights. All such events got many hits and likes on social networking sites like facebook etc. (which reached over 15 Million viewers) Under this paper, we are proposing and suggesting how social media can be used for teaching and learning law subjects. This paper will also discuss the possibility of using this model to teach other subjects other than human rights.

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