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Title: Clinical Legal Education: The Convergence Of Technology And Social Justice

Lead Presenter: Adelakun, Olanike Sekinat


  1. Odumosu, Taiwo

Session Abstract: The idea of clinical legal education is perceived differently across Nigeria. To some, it has to do with the pedagogy of teaching which entails a shift from the traditional lecturing method to a more interactive and facilitative teaching approach. To some, clinical legal education is a manner of getting law students on the field of legal practice by getting involved in real life legal problems. To others however, clinical legal education is a combination of these two perceptions as well as a means to equip and prepare students to solving social problems with legal inflexions and get students involved in social justice. The overall objective is however to equip students with life skills to solve legal problems and advance social justice in the society. The objective of this interactive session therefore is to examine and harmonize several innovations and advancement of technology adopted in getting students involved in social justice. The interactive session examines in-class gaming activities to develop students’ skills towards engagement in social justice. Also, the use of technology in street law is examined with effort to determine the success of this approach both to the students and the target audience. This part of the session also examines cinema and filming approach in street law. The final part of the session focuses on the general role of technology in teaching and learning law. Participants will be expected to partake in some tasks during the interactive session to have a better understanding of some of these approaches. This will facilitate the productive discussion of the interactive session and equip participants with requisite knowledge of the intendment of clinical legal education. Some writing pads, flash cards, flip board as well as a projector will be required for the session. If time permits, participants will be required to contribute to how clinical legal education should be perceived and construed in the light of Nigerian legal education system. The presenters have wide range of experience teaching in Nigerian universities and are clinicians in their respective institutions. The presenters have been involved in setting up clinics and developing curriculum for clinical legal education in Nigeria and participated at the international level.

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