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Title: Pro Bono Legal Service in Three Neighboring Islamic Republics: (Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan); Analyzing the Current Situation and Solutions for its Improvement

Lead Presenter: Noori, Masoud


  1. Dowlatshahi, Sepideh
  2. Metlo, Faiz Ali Sheeraz
  3. Savadkouhifar, Zoha

Session Abstract: Pro Bono Legal Service in Asia: Analyzing the Current Situation and Solutions for its Improvement Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Pakistan as a Case Study Lead presenter (LP): Seyed Masoud Noori Panelists: 1- Seyed Ali Hosseini (Afghanistan) 2- Arpeeta S. Mizan (Bangladesh) 3- Sepideh Dowlatshahi (Iran) 4- Faiz Ali Sheeraz Metlo (Pakistan) 5- Zoha Savadkouhifar The goal of this panel is to review and analyzing legal education, legal representation, and provision as well as procedure and culture of legal aid in Asia. And of course, trying to come up with solutions to improve the quality and development of these services to a larger population of vulnerable and marginalized groups. We selected four countries as a case study, which in alphabetical order are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Pakistan. Our panelists put forward their suggestions and innovations for the Improvement of Pro Bono Legal Services in those countries. The goal of the panel is to find ways to attract more cooperation between lawyers, bar associations, law schools, lawmakers, policymakers, and civil society activists. All presentations will be about the necessity of more attention of mentioned groups and institutions to their social responsibility in facilitating access to justice for all people, especially vulnerable groups. Generally speaking, with some tolerance, it can be said Pakistan and Bangladesh are members of the common law family. But Iran and Afghanistan are in a different position and are closer to the Civil Law family. So, through our panel discussions, we can also find out the differences or similarities between the basics and practice of voluntary legal services in those two large systems and legal traditions. Afghanistan, with 31, 575,000 population, is the world's 45th most populous country. Bangladesh, with nearly 163 million people, is the world's 8th most populous one. Iran, with over 81 million people, is the world's 18th most populous country, and Pakistan, with 212,742,000 people, is the world's 6th most populous one. Thus, the study of pro bono legal services in these four countries mean check the availability of these services to around one-fifteenth (6.6%) of the world's population.

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