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Title: The Kuje Reform Project: Hub for Access to Justice

Lead Presenter: Oke, Tosin Yemi


  1. Whalen-Bridge, Helena

Session Abstract: Access to justice for pre-trial detainees in Nigeria has been faced with lots of challenges. Pre-trial detainees account for more that 7o% of prison detainees in Nigerian Prison. Various disjointed efforts have been made by different organizations to facilitate access to justice for pre-trial detainee over the years. The US Department of State Bureau international Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs has funded the to reform Administration of Criminal Justice to ensure access to justice to per-trial detainees in Nigeria. The pilot project at the Kuje Prison in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja is collaboration between Partners Global, Partners West Africa Nigeria, New Rule LLC and the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions. The Project establishes legal aid partnership between the Nigerian Prison Service, Nigerian Police Force, Legal Aid Council, Ministry of Justice, Baze University Law Clinic, Nile University Law Clinic, University of Abuja Law Clinic, Georgetown University law School and Maryland law School to facilitate the provision of legal aid to pre-trial detainees in Nigeria. The project will promote human right and support management of criminal justice institutions and promote case management in the prison. This paper discuss the synergy created under the Kuje reform Projects, the role of the agencies and organizations involved, Data management under the National Prisons Information Management System, law clinic partnership, the role of pro-bono lawyers and the achievements and challenges in justice delivery under the KUJE REFORM Project.

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