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Title: Using Neuroscience Insights and Empathy to Enhance Justice Education

Lead Presenter: Peters, Donald


  1. Peters, Martha M.

Session Abstract: What happens in our brains influences everything we perceive, think, say, and do. Exploring insights from biological and cognitive dimensions of neuroscience, this session presents experiences and information regarding human perception and decision-making that underlie core social justice actions. Emphasizing neuroscience's recognition of the centrality of emotion, this session examines empathy, the process of recognizing and acknowledging emotional dimensions of internal and external interactions. It demonstrates empathy's value in resisting and reducing ineffective perceptual and action decisions that undercut effective social justice work. Because many of these ineffective choices stem from cognitive biases that link directly to social justice efforts for marginalized, vulnerable citizens, this session argues for extensive inclusion of neuroscience insights and empathy concepts and skills in social justice education.

Session Material:

  1. short presentation handout

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