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Title: Redefining My Career path: Students' Personal Reflections on the Clinical methods

Lead Presenter: Nsereko, Arthur Junior


  1. Kange, Veronica

Session Abstract: This presentation is a synthesis of results from several assessments of the Clinical Legal Education model under the Public Interest Law Clinic School of Law Makerere University Kampala. Through student retreats, student reflective journals and the most recent a tracer study, the CLE program and methodology have been reviewed. A student-centered evaluation has been adopted to inform content review, methodology review amongst a range of other aspects of the program. The presentation considers the symbiotic relationship between the law students and the programme. It will start with a facilitated discussion of what type of learning experiences would constitute a holistic nature of a transformative experience covering the cognitive domain (head), the affective domain (heart) and the psychomotor domain (hands). This will be followed by a relay of students’ reflections on the impact the clinical model on their classroom experience, university experience, and post university experience and career path. Share techniques, pair, small and larger group techniques will be used to consider the issues raised from the student perspective. The session will also reflect on different ways students can be enabled and empowered to have a say in the nature of the justice education they deserve; the place of the learner in curriculum development, evaluation and review.

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