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Title: Just Lawyer For A Just Society: Educating Future Lawyers Through Literacy Clinics

Lead Presenter: Shukkur, Sheena


  1. Palullakandiyil, Firos

Session Abstract: A change in the quality, content and facet of legal education is now a great social necessity, since the basic knowledge of law becomes necessary even for the non-professional and for all or any of the professional engagements and is thus demanding. National Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 (NALSA) in India provides for maintaining a just and fair society governed by law through free legal aid and legal services. Law schools join hands with the authorities under the NALSA or State legal services authorities in this mission of legal literacy and legal awareness through the Legal Literacy Clinics. The session would introduce more on the Legal Literacy Clinics at the law school in Kerala. Legal Education is differently taught at the literacy clinics; instead it is learning by doing. Teaching methodology includes presentations, tutorials, surveys, legal awareness camps and campaigns apart from regular debates, moot court participation, case study, group discussion and legal aid. The clinics thus gain the twofold objective of professional skills for students and also the imparting of social service. This is done through pro bono lawyers and LLM students. The literacy clinics impart training for university students, law students, women, high school students and general public. Short videos of student’s role-plays at the ADALATH (the mega campaign where free legal aid and legal services are offered) will be played; which would lead to interactions and discussions in the session. The literacy clinicians thus extend a holistic legal education and help the student bring out a JUST lawyer. Clinical law students are the future lawyers who are professionally and socially educated.

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