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Title: Role of inter-disciplinary professions in clinical legal education around the world

Lead Presenter: Upadhyay, Ankita


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Session Abstract: Role of inter-disciplinary professions in clinical legal education around the world Inter-disciplinary has been variously defined in this century: as a methodology, a concept, a process, a way of thinking, a philosophy and a reflective ideology. It has been linked with attempts to expose the dangers of fragmentation, to re-establish old connections. To explore emerging relations and to create new subjects adequate to handle our practical and conceptual needs. The word ‘clinic’ implies one to one interaction. Many professions can deliver legal education. Likewise, teachers, lecturers, professors in schools, colleges, universities can inform, teach , help the young generation understand the Human rights provided by the Nation and how to seek legal aid when justified and needed. This will make the young generation educated, legal-sounded and responsible citizens. Guides, translators can be hired by National tourism to deliver legal information, aid and relief to foreign visitors to ensure their pleasant stay. Medical Practioners can teach about Right to Health and Medicine to students and they will also be useful to teach subjects like patent and medical negligence etc Cab drivers, buses and transport aids can be involved in reaching out to the public by painting human rights, legal quotes, slogans, legal clinic information such as address and phone numbers on vehicles. More Health inspectors, educators can be involved to reach out to rural and far-off areas and help by delivering legal knowledge such as claiming of free birth deliveries, medicines, food and education to children provided by Government and help to provide legal aid when denied such Government facilities. Architectures , Engineers through law clinic can help the buyers by educating them about the building design, construction approval and aiding them in design approvals. Likewise, Bankers can help not only in the legal process of home loans, car loans, informing about the interest, taxes and selecting the suitable deals but also the legal ways that can be sought in case the consumer feels conned. Consumer rights can be educated and safe guarded. Social workers can be involved on a large scale. By running law clinics they can reach schools, colleges, residential societies, rural areas. They can spread legal education, rights and ways to seek legal justice on a large number of issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, rape , property disparity. Police officers can be involved to deliver legal education and rights such as the right to equality before the law, right to freedom from arbitrary arrest, right to be considered innocent until guilty. Health care professionals such as doctors can be involved to deliver legal education to patients such as informing them about patient rights such as the right to make decisions regarding medical care, the rightto accept or refuse treatment, and the right to formulate advance directives (written instructions, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for health care as recognized under National law, relating to the provision of such , when individual is incapacitated). Informing the married couple about heir legal responsibility when consent of husband or spouse is requird for example in cases of abortion. Legal aid can also be provided to patient or family in cases of medical negligence. Celebrities, models and actors can be involved to promote clinical legal education through advertisements, short movies as they attract and have a good impact on the public. Individuals studying or practicing law can play the lead role in this inter-disciplinary team by motivating the professionals, educating, training and guiding them so that legal education can be spread effectively. Cutting across all these theories is one recurring idea. Inter-disciplinary as a way of solving problems and answering questions that cannot be satisfactorily addressed using single method or approach.

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