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Title: Designing of Legal empowerment programs for married Indian women in Noida(India) : A Case study.

Lead Presenter: Gupta, Smita


  1. Malik, Namita S

Session Abstract: This paper is an experience based paper, it summarizes various legal empowerment programs organised for Indian married women living in various communities of Noida, with an objective to shape the potential of these women to use law as an instrument of gaining power and improve well being. Women are legally empowered when they are able to use law and mechanisms established by law for transforming their own social, economic and political well being. In Indian perspectives, this has been of utmost priority in society that one should be able to use law and justice as an instrument for their own improvement. Legal empowerment has been limited to a few legal experts, it is this need of times that wider legal activism must be spread across the countries and become more relevant to the progress of nation. Position of Indian women had never been impressive and that too when we are discussing about married Indian women. Society has structured women position in such a way, where they are said to be free but they don’t exercise freedom, they are equal to men but only for the namesake. Women has been placed lowest, especially when it is the discussion about her ‘will’. If she wishes to work after marriage, she needs to still look upon for permission from in-laws, if she desires to spend her time with her friends, she requires, to take permission. So the scenario for Indian women is quite depressing. It is expected that married women will keep their priorities at the lowest in the list; husband, in-laws and then children priority are on the top. Paper enumerates problems of married women and examines the various remedies which could be made available to them. With the objective to change the lives of at least some women, legal empowerment programs were designed and conducted by the Community Connect society of our institution in Noida. Programs were designed keeping in mind their problems like domestic violence, harassment, female infanticide, sex-selective abortion, dowry etc. Programs focus has been on suggestive remedies which were available as per the provisions of the Indian law. Programs adopted the methodology of not only making women aware but also providing remedies. Parallel counseling sessions were coordinated to make women feel and act legally empowered. Students and faculty members of Community Connect society designed programs and rethought how these community women can be transformed into legally empowered women.

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