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Title: A spectrum of view on legal clinics of Western Balkan countries

Lead Presenter: Duricin, Biljana


  1. Spaic, Aneta

Session Abstract: A Spectrum of View on Legal Clinics of Western Balkan Countries Biljana Duricin Faculties of Law at Balkan region have clinical legal education as a part of their curriculum. Clinical legal education is very important part in clinical legal education. Everyone have benefit from it. First, students will receive a fuller education. The materials they learn in classroom will become real and the efforts of their education will be displayed in actual work as lawyer. Clinical legal education will also promote professional responsibility and ethical skills. Second, law students will gain confidence in their own ability to be a practicing lawyer. Third, as the law faculty’s clinics expand into pro bono work and live clients, they will put an emphasis on development of clinics that will not only educate the student but assist the community. Fourth, this method of teaching, clinical legal education is by its nature a method of teaching that makes the student become problem solvers and creative thinkers and this will make for significant benefits for society. In my presentation, I shall present clinics at Balkan region in generally as well as clinics in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. My colleague Aneta Spaic will talk on next step in clinical legal education in Montenegro.

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