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Title: Pro Bono and Legal Literacy for Teachers in West Java Region

Lead Presenter: Budiman, Maman


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Session Abstract: In December 2016, around 220 teachers who were members of the Indonesian Republican Teachers Association (PGRI) of Bandung Regency, had received a news and information from fellow teachers as a teacher about the existence of loans for money, using collections in the form of photocopies of identity cards, family cards, SK / Final Period, final certificate teacher, certification certificate and Pas Photo 3x4 at BPR Bahtera Papuan people. Based on this information, with consideration and the ease of filing requirements, they felt interested in making a loan. The credit application mechanism is by left the requirements to Jumara, he is one of the teachers and members of the Bandung Regency PGRI. In April 2017 the loan proposal from Bandung Regency's PGRI teacher members was informed that it was disbursed and could be taken as soon as possible. They were promised to get a sum of 80 million, but the money they were received only about 20 million and the rest, 60 million were taken by fraud syndicates, it was consisting the unscrupulous teachers, BPR employees and printing employees who falsified the documents. In this case the teachers were not only victims of fraud but also criminalized and reported to the police because they were considered responsible for the nominal money that they did not receive. Identification problem What makes the teachers of PGRI bandung regency decides to making aloans ? How the proses of legal assistance for teachers who received the funs from BPR ? The purpose of writing on this paper is to reveal the process of assisting the teachers who are memberes of PGRI in Bandung Regency who should have been an educated people but in fact they were easily become victims of fraud and even criminalized so that they need a legal aid to deal with criminal and civil problems so that their rights are protected. Based on the legal aid that has been carried out, unscrupulous teachers with the BPR employees were falsified the certificates of teacher certification to manipulate credit requirements so that the banks disbursed the loans, but then, the banks did not carry out prudential principles in disbursing credit funds as stipulated in Article 25 Act Number 23 of 1999 concerning Bank Indonesia and Article 2 of Act Number 10 of 1998 concerning Amendments to the Banking Law Number 7 of 1992 concerning Banking. Thus the criminalization of the teachers is more due to the factors of lay of law, because this case occurs due to negligence of all parties including the banks. Key word Teachers, falcification, legal aids

Session Material:

  1. PPT Pro bono and legal litteracy for teachers in west java region

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