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Title: An Appraisal of the Role of Data & Remand Indicators in Enhancing Pre-trial Processes in Nigeria

Lead Presenter: Yusuf, Mahmud Danjuma


  1. Agwu, Sunday Kenechukwu

Session Abstract: An Appraisal of the Role of Data and Remand Indicators in enhancing Pre-trial Processes in Nigeria Mahmud Yusuf & Kenechukwu Agwu Abstract The importance of data is often overlooked and seldom used to ensure that the justice system provides effective solutions to the numerous inefficiencies that hinder effective justice delivery and affects the rights of persons who come in conflict with the system in line with the rule of law and access to justice. A justice system that respects the rule of law forms one of the cardinal pillars of an equitable and democratic society. Rule of law and access to justice are fundamental at ensuring development and important in promoting and protecting fundamental rights and individual freedoms. Across the world, approximately 15 million people are admitted to pre-trial detention every year. The Nigeria Prison Service statistics as of March 2019 have it that 51,384 out of the total population of 75,772 prison inmates are awaiting trial. Pre-trial detainees in Nigeria and elsewhere are confronted with several negative consequences. They are more likely to be tortured, mistreated or extrajudicially executed. In the absence of effective legal representation, they are more likely to be convicted eventually – often spending more years awaiting trial than the duration prescribed for the offense for which they were detained. To correct this trend, the Administration of Criminal Justice Act was passed in 2015 and currently, about 20 states of the federation have adopted it into state Laws. The laws aim to ensure that the system of administration of criminal justice in Nigeria promotes efficient management of criminal Justice Institutions, speedy dispensation of justice, protection of the society, defendant and the victim. There is a need to collect evidence, track and monitor how the ACJA/L is being implemented especially for victims of prolonged detention. To this end, this paper will discuss and highlight innovations in the Administration of Criminal Justice Act designed to entrench the rule of law, fair trials, protection of human rights and transparency in the criminal justice sector and also project the role of Law Clinics in advancing access to justice for pre-trial detainees and monitoring the implementation of the Law across justice sector agencies in Nigeria.

Session Material:

  1. 2015_Administration_of_Criminal_Justice_Act
  2. indicators and monitoring framework publication

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