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Title: Legal Aid in Action - Facilitating through Practice

Lead Presenter: Majid, Chaudhry Abrar


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Session Abstract: It's interesting aspects are mode of action and demonstrative outcomes . Here I will brief it in short notes just to make understand and be discussed in detail during session over there: Under this project we have legal aid teams, comprising people from different walks of life, led by local lawyers from the same societies, in remote rural areas. At occurrence of any crime, our team meets the victim and his/her family and facilitate them not only legally but lead them to act accordingly. The victim and his family is provided full support from start to get justice but on the face victims are the main actors. This way of procedure not only empower the victim on society but also empower the society through a model of development. It's further aspects and outcomes will be discussed in session, how this model of human rights aid project works for realization, helping and protection of fundamental rights of the people.

Session Material:

  1. Legal Aid in Action

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