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Title: The REAL project - A case study on a collaborative teaching project to integrate and facilitate experiential learning in law.

Lead Presenter: Herverin, Brónagh


  1. Bracken, Lydia
  2. Cullen, Siobhan

Session Abstract: Clinical Legal Education, which facilitates the development of transferable skills in legal education through experiential learning, is arguably underdeveloped in Ireland. A key factor is the absence of appropriate resources. ‘The REAL Project (Re-imagining Experiential Academic Learning) - Using Experience to Teach and Learn in Law: A Framework for Engagement, Assessment and Transferability’ is a collaborative teaching project between Letterkenny Institute of Technology, the University of Limerick and Carlow Institute of Technology. The project aims to develop a network of shared resources in clinical legal education for the first time in Ireland by focusing on the enhancement of existing, and the development of new, clinical legal education opportunities. The REAL Project involves several phases moving from comprehensive review of the current position through research and consultation, through piloting, to the collation and creation of the required resources including practical resources such as student handbooks and assessment rubrics to the provision of professional development opportunities and support networks for academic staff and institutions. It is anticipated that the development of shared resources will facilitate success in terms of student engagement and employability, and ensure a support network for academic staff professional development. The REAL project began in January 2019 and first phase of the research is focused on a comprehensive review and consultation process with students and academics. This phase allows for data on the current usage of experiential learning in legal education in Ireland to be gathered and analysed. This will identify strengths and weaknesses and provide a solid base from which to enhance the opportunities for experiential learning going forward. This paper will present a case study on the progress of the REAL project including an outline of the research methods and findings, the resultant implications for the use of experiential learning through clinical legal education as a solution to the development of the transferable skills of law students.

Session Material:

  1. The REAL Project GAJE 2019

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