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Title: How CLE Teaching Methods Help Law Students In Giving Legal Education To The Poor and Marginal People

Lead Presenter: Dwinita, Putri


  1. Sukma, Laras

Session Abstract: How CLE Teaching Methods Help Law Students In Giving Legal Education To The Poor Clinical Legal Education (CLE) is a progressive educational ideology and pedagogy that is most often carried out through university programs. CLE as legal teaching through exposure to real clients and their problems and even clinical law education, becomes an integral part of law faculties and is required to be developed in a supported curriculum. As students we must be able to provide legal education to the poor or marginalized. Law awareness and understanding is still very low, which ultimately impacts on legal access received by the society. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the knowledge of the Law. To do that, we need to adjust to society today. Obviously we have to use communicative language, a more creative and innovative ability to overcome these problems, be more adaptive in the development of the times and circumstances of society. CLE has the concept of learning methods that are widely used by law colleges in various countries to study or provide learning processes with the aim of providing law students with practical knowledge , Skills, Values, and their opinions about law and human rights, in order to realize law and social justice, which are carried out on the basis of methods that are approved by interactive and reflective. Provide very helpful students in carrying out street law or provide an understanding of the law to the marginal and poor people. With interactive and reflective methods, CLE is an appropriate strategy that very creative and innovative in carrying out Street Law or counseling legal education (Justice Education) to the public, especially the marginalized and also the poor. With this, students as an agent of change have also made an innovation to improve legal education, namely by providing education about law and legal access to the community so that Access to justice for them is fulfilled.

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