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Title: What Makes a Quality Law School-based Street Law Program? An interactive discussion of voluntary global standards and resources needed to implement them

Lead Presenter: Whatley, Jennifer


  1. Mirza, Angbeen Atif

Session Abstract: In this session we ask participants to take part in the development of new Voluntary Global Standards for Street Law Programs. Since Georgetown University law students launched Street Law in the 1970s, the model of law students or legal professionals providing practical legal education to non-lawyers has spread around the world. As the number of programs continues to grow however, models vary. In addition, newer programs sometimes “reinvent the wheel” rather than learning from established best practices. How can Street Law practitioners ensure they follow best practices while adapting to the culture, context, and needs in their own communities? Street Law experts from several countries are developing Voluntary Global Standards for Street Law Programs to help address this question. In this session participants will discuss and provide input into essential and recommended characteristics for Street Law program content, methodology, trainers/teachers, assessment, and evaluation. Participants will also help identify available resources for implementing quality Street Law programs and gaps in existing resources.

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