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Title: Justice Education in Emergency Situation

Lead Presenter: Azhar, Zahra


  1. Karimivahed, Homeyra
  2. Siapoush, Ali Akbar

Session Abstract: The situation of Vulnerable Groups or peoples of Special Needs in emergency situations has been much discussed to provide relief for these persons and groups. However, the studies lack enough attention to the role of Justice Education in the promotion of Rule of Law in such situations. That means, the content and scope of protections and services in emergency situations are directly influenced by the methods to safeguard Rule of Law; Justice Education has a clear impact on these methods. The present study focuses on two situations of Armed Conflict and Natural Disaster in Iranian Society. Iran has always faced major Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. The Study of these situations in time can help to understand effective factors on the lives of vulnerable Groups. Iran also was engaged in a war with Iraq for 8 years that ended 30 years ago. Its long experience, both during and after the armed conflict situation, can be helpful to understand the long-lasting effects of war on the hardest hit group. This paper studies emergency situations in three different sections as pre-emergency situation, ongoing emergency, and after-mass situation. In each section, the study examines the element of Justice education in risk prevention and risk reduction factors and processes and also corrective processes to defend vulnerable groups. To that aim, first, it tries to find major risks in regions affected by armed conflict and natural disasters. That is concluded by interviews with victims and those who were directly affected by the situation. It also tries to find a meaningful pattern of risks by a statistical study of pleas in the judicial system. Moreover, from a temporal point of view, the study selects the very recent situations in regions affected by flood in Golestan and a region affected by an earthquake 30 years ago, that is Roodbar. The paper also studies the city of Sardasht as the first-ever civilian victim of Chemical Weapons attack during the war with Iraq. Although there are other regions that have been more seriously hit by war, Sardasht is directly targeted.

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