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Title: Challenges and Future: 10 years of Clinical Legal Education in Brazil

Lead Presenter: Lapa, Fernanda


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Session Abstract: Brazil did not begin the movement in CLE during the 1990’s, as happened in other countries from Latin America. Only the 21st century, in 2007, the first legal clinic was founded in the south of Brazil and began to disseminate a new approach for the legal practice. Five years ago, a Brazilian CLE Association was established and, with that, the opportunity to exchange experience with others experiential learning programs within the country. This presentation seeks to look back for these 12 years (2007-2019), in order to share our challenges and some experiences to keep moving forward. Besides that, in 2018, after 4 years of a curriculum reform, new legal education guidelines were approved and, for the first time, the document mentions the name clinics as a legal practice option. Finally, there are some challenges for the role of CLE to reflect, such as: the amazing number of law schools in the country (approx. 1300); the interaction of different experiential learning programs in the curricula; the problem to balance the student’s learning and the “instrumentalisation” of the communities; and, moreover, the efficiency of the clinics to develop important skills for the law professions nowadays.

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