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Title: Justice education through promotion of the idea of pro bono work and supporting the system of primary legal assistance & citizens’ advice in Poland

Lead Presenter: Skrodzka, Marta Janina


  1. Czernicki, Filip

Session Abstract: Diversification of activities taken when educating in justice as well as using variety of unobvious concepts can be an important part of promoting access to justice in general. This broaden approach is used by the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation – an umbrella organization which primary goals are: fostering, support, promotion and assistance to sustain for the majority of the Polish legal clinics and their programs. Next to strengthening legal clinics and building a standardized clinical program the Foundation has undertaken further steps to promote justice in the Polish society. One of them is a clearinghouse project – creation of the Pro Bono Center which supports non-governmental organizations in seeking free legal assistance and substantive support from legal experts, as well as coordinates communication between organizations and law firms and provides lawyers with proposals for pro bono cases and projects. Another one is supporting the system of primary legal assistance & citizens’ advice in Poland, which main objective is to develop directions and principles of state policy in the field of strengthening and development of the in Poland. That is why this presentation & workshop aim to present the above-mentioned diverse approaches to justice education. Workshop participants will be asked to share their ideas of possible use of the presented activities based on the actual lessons learned in Poland but happening to be lessons adequate for other parts of the world. Participants will be encouraged also to share their respective experience and suggestions in achieving above described goals. Presenters provide the session during 90 minutes and combine different teaching methods such as short presentations, brainstorming, working in groups as well as discussion.

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