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Title: Using Interactive Polling Software to Engage & Support Students

Lead Presenter: Spencer, Mai Linh


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Session Abstract: Students overwhelmingly report that polling helps them learn, self-assess, and engage with both the material and the classroom community. Polls are not only an important formative assessment tool; they can also spark policy discussions, build community, and even contribute to student well-being. An enthusiastic but unsophisticated user, Mai Linh Spencer has found polling to be invaluable when teaching a large doctrinal class, because it allows her to connect with each individual student. She has also used polling in small classes to ensure greater participation and understanding. She will demonstrate a range of possible uses of polls, from comprehension checks to classroom community-building to student well-being audits. The workshop itself will be conducted in part through polls, using PollEverywhere software.

Session Material:

  1. GAJE 2019 polling 12
  2. Tips for Using Polls GAJE 20191

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