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Title: Evaluation Of The Short-Term Experience Of Clinical Legal Education In Jordan

Lead Presenter: Mahasneh Nisreen


  1. Lina Shabeeb

Session Abstract: Abstract Clinical legal education started in Jordan only a few years ago; it mainly focuses on street law clinics. Some encouraging developments have started to emerge; for example adding a clinical legal course to the study plans at some law faculties, establishing an Association for the Jordanian Clinicians, collaborating with local official organizations and civil society institutions, and collaboration between clinicians from various local and international universities in the area of student training. Simultaneously, a number of obstacles and impediments are evident, namely failure of some clinics to continue, new requirements for official registration and legalization of the Association, and more critically lack of commitment by law faculties and financial resources to support professors to carry out activities and make a fundamental development in the area of clinical legal education. Furthermore, now that legal clinics are established at some universities in Jordan, it is hoped that legal clinical education will start to attract the attention of a larger number of law professors, as an important component of legal education. Finally, it is worth shedding some light on the particular benefits and need for human rights clinics in Jordan for students and the community, along with the challenges and obstacles that may minimize the value of human rights clinics in Jordan.

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