Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: Conducting A Community Needs Assessment For Domestic Violence Victims: Implications For Clinics, Clients And The Community

Lead Presenter: David Tushaus


  1. Maithili Pai
  2. Raveena Rao
  3. Shristi Banerjee
  4. Yamini Kumar

Session Abstract: Law school clinics and the communities they serve can benefit from conducting community needs assessments on a regular basis. These needs assessments help clinics connect with the community, determine the legal problems clinics may best address in the community and how the clinics may best help members of the community with the issues identified. This session will first present on how to establish a research team to conduct an assessment. Second, the team will discuss its findings from this internationally conducted assessment of domestic violence survivors’ legal needs in Kolkata, India as well as in Nepal in the related, combined session. This presentation will discuss the issues the team identifies regarding access to justice for domestic violence victims in both countries; but it is anticipated many of these issues will be shared by other communities represented at the conference. The presentation will also analyze the role of law school legal aid clinics with regard to domestic violence cases. Volunteers in such a project can be given an opportunity to write papers and articles, which can then be presented and published in various National and International conferences as part of such a study. There are several educational and social justice benefits of such a study, which is replicable in other jurisdictions and for other types of social justice issues. Learning what the legal needs of the community are can help the clinic to better serve the people around it. This can help model for students the ethical importance of being client centered in any legal practice. The students on the research team also learn how to conduct such research, and to write it up for presentations and articles.

Session Material:

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