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Title: Measuring And Reporting The Impact Of CLE Programmes To Strengthen Access To Justice

Lead Presenter: Wendy Morrish


  1. Christopher Walsh

Session Abstract: This session is an interactive and participatory session focused on ways research monitoring & evaluation (RME) assist universities and justice education programmes including CLE programmes measure their impact in line with their course or programme's key performance indicators (KPIs). The goal of the session is design 3 data collections tools (Survey, Individual Interview Schedule and Group Interview Schedule) whereby participants will work together to design all 3 tools, explore useful resources for collecting and analysing data and basic ethical protocols. This session aims to following the below outline: Brief Introduction Part 1 - So what do YOU believe? - Gathering opinions - So what? What do their responses tell you? - What next? Now you have some information, but what will you do with it? Part 2 - What should you measure and how to measure it? - The Linkert Scale explained - Linkert Scale best practices & tips - Examples of Linkert scales Part 3 - Collaborative survey design to measure the impact of CLE programmes in South East Asia - Defining our focus - Generating the items - Rating the items - Selecting the items for regional CLE programme survey - Tips for administering the data collection tool Part 4 - Brief summary of the use of these tools throughout Asia CLE Programmes

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