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Title: What Could The Street Law Moot Court Competition Offer To The Participating Students

Lead Presenter: Lucia Madlenakova


  1. Bela Lakoma
  2. Daniel Pospisil
  3. Jan Lexa
  4. Jan Mucka
  5. Patricia Pevalova
  6. Renata Burdova

Session Abstract: We recently created a Street Law Moot court competition at the Law faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc (Czech Republic), where law students prepare high schools students to be able to present an oral argument in a human rights case. Now we have two of these competitions done with the same group of law students. We are now in the position when we can evaluate past competitions but more than before we are now facing many questions about the better organization, better promotion, higher motivation of high school students and deeper self-reflection of law students work. In connection with the thinking about an improvement of our competition we established these main questions: 1) how to prepare a suitable case in the continental law system? 2) how to set up a suitable rules? 3) how to prepare a suitable syllabus which will include all of the main topics? 4) how to choose the best high school team? 5) how to motivate chosen high school students? 6) how to teach high school students about the law but in the way street law do? 7) how to effectively supervise the moot court coaches? In our session we would like to present you the answers on set questions based on our own experience: me as coaches supervisor and we as law students, who had led the high school moot court teams. We would like to confess about our joys and our sorrows, about our weekly hourly long discussions, our effort to be the best teachers as well as the best coaches, our effort to make everything for the win but not too much to give some team an unauthorized advantage. We understand this special new-born competition as great challenge and we are keen to be at the GAJE conference and have an opportunity to discuss our views and ideas with all the participants who will be willing to discuss it with us.

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