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Title: The Need And Impact Of Teaching Legal Ethics /Pro Bono/Access To Justice/Professional Responsibility In Asia

Lead Presenter: Nattakan Chomputhong


  1. Suphamat Phonphra

Session Abstract: The Need and Impact of Teaching Legal Ethics /Pro Bono/Access to Justice/Professional Responsibility in Asia The session will focus on the need and impact of teaching legal ethics, pro bono, access to justice, and professional responsibility in a number of countries currently in development and transition in the Asian region including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The session will start by providing background on the legal education system in a number of countries in the Asian region, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It will then discuss the rationale for introducing legal ethics courses into university curricula and the anticipated outcomes; including fostering a culture of professional ethics in future generations of lawyers and promoting a legal culture that values the important role that lawyers play in providing pro bono services to enhance access to justice. By strengthening the culture of ethics and professional responsibility, the initiative aims to enhance the professional reputation and pride of young lawyers; and by promoting access to justice the project endeavors to contribute to the further development of fair societies which respect and uphold the rule of law. The session will then discuss the interactive clinical legal education teaching methodologies being used to develop and teach the curriculum. These methodologies include roleplays, themed games, debates and scenarios. The methodology itself is also of significant importance to the project, as interactive learning is still in the early stages of growth in many universities in Asia, and development of the curriculum using these tools provides an opportunity to expose faculty members and students to an alternative to lecture-based teaching and rote learning. The methodology also incorporates feedback from the learners to the team, and provides an opportunity for the students to contribute to both the content and the teaching methods through the use of evaluations. The objective of the project is for the curriculum to be introduced and integrated into new/existing courses at BABSEA CLE's partner universities. The session will conclude with a discussion of the benefits of collaboration between practicing lawyers and academics, between lawyers from different legal traditions, and between lawyers from the private sector, the public sector and the NGO sector. We will also touch upon the impact of teaching these topics from the viewpoint of educators who have been introduced to and/or have used the curriculum in their universities. Key words: Legal ethics, Asia, curriculum, cooperation, pro bono Presenters: Name: Nattakan Chomputhong (Lead) Title: Legal Trainer & Regional Legal Ethics, Pro Bono, Access to Justice, and Professional Responsibility Initiative Coordinator City/country: Chiang Mai, Thailand Email: [email protected] Name: Suphamat Phonphra Title: Access to Justice Initiative Coordinator City/country: Chiang Mai, Thailand Email: [email protected]

Session Material:

  1. The Need and Impact of Teaching Legal Ethics ProBono A2J Professional Responsibility in Asia

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