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Title: Disability Legal Clinics And Legal Education In Latin America

Lead Presenter: Renata Bregaglio


  1. Renato Constantino

Session Abstract: Traditionally, legal education in Latin America has been a conservative career path. Even though legal structures have oppressed several groups of people in Latin America (peasants, workers, indigenous people, women, persons with disabilities and so on), Law Schools did not challenge those norms. Legal positivism was accepted as the main legal theory. The uprise of legal clinic education challeges that view and allows Law Schools to approach the society in a new way. Through legal clinics, students get to know their client, get to develop a strategy and act as a real lawyer. Additionally, disability legal clinics can tackle unjust situations. That is something most strategic litigation spaces do. However, the disability cases are somewhat unique because they challenge unjust situations that the legal structures allow. Thus, students can change their vies on different subjects they thought were natural in Law such as the denial of legal capacity, reasonable accommodation or social security. The the social model of disability enables students to question all precedent knowledge in the field, in addition to this, many students have started to write about this experience of to quetion other teachers regarding their approach to persons with disabilities.

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