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Title: Access To Justice And The Enforceability Of Action Taken At The Women's Law Clinic

Lead Presenter: Ibijoke Patrica Byron


  1. Stella Uju Eze

Session Abstract: The Women’s Law Clinic is a not-for-profit Organization whose main objective is to provide free counseling and legal aid to women and sees to the protection of their rights. In the recognition of Access to Justice as a human right, the Clinic renders services such as Child Maintenance, Child Adoption, Sexual related issues, Settlement of Marital disputes, Tenancy matters, etc. In the area of granting justice to these women, there is a cultural barricade in the enforceability of outcomes in the Women’s Law Clinic. The women in Ibadan and environs see the Law Clinic as a channel for seeking legal redress to their various problems. In realizing the Clinic’s mandate, students are trained using the techniques of Clinical Legal Education in granting access to justice to indigent women. Access to Justice connotes providing legal aid for those in need, which otherwise will result in their inability to access judicial remedies as a result of the cost of legal representation and administration of justice. This paper will examine the link between Access to Justice and enforcing the outcomes realized from granting the desired and needed justice. It would highlight the cases that have been treated in the Clinic and how Access to Justice has been granted. The enforceability of the decisions concluded in the Clinic and its enforceability will also be examined. Possible solutions will be proffered on the way forward in ensuring that justice is granted and enforced in the Women’s Law Clinic.

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