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Title: Street Law: Teaching About Law And Justice To Street Kids In Indonesia And To Refugees And Immigrants In The U.S.

Lead Presenter: Leni Widi Mulyani


  1. Hesti Septianita
  2. Rosa Tedjabuwana

Session Abstract: Women, migrant worker, minority group of race, religion, and culture, the poor and children are among the vulnerable group to conflicts. However, street children are the more vulnerable group for they live on the street begging, sniffing glue, and, worse, some of them are trafficked and sexually exploited. Since 2007, Pasundan University, Indonesia and University of Malaya, Malaysia have conducted street law activity and focused on legal education for women and children. Starting 2015, the two universities reach out street children to get wider beneficial of the activity. The project takes place in Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia, where the students of the two universities will work together to conduct street law activity to the street children in both countries. The issue of street children seems to be the domain of NGO’s concern, only few students set their eyes and put their thought on this issue, let alone students of law school. If any, it was their personal projects, out of the school activity. The street law activity on street children tries to open wider door for the university represented by its students to actively involve in community legal learning. The goals of the project are to provide legal knowledge and to create legal awareness of the rights of the child, the danger of trafficking, drugs, child abuse and sexual violence and exploitation and what to be done if they have to deal with those particular circumstances. As for the students, the goals of the program are to sensitize them toward social issues related to children and law, in particular street children and to offer them an opportunity to advocate the children through street law activity. The presentation will focus on the development of methodology and resources used in the project and it will demonstrate how the collaboration of the two institutions has the potential to fulfill political and moral purposes of clinical legal education as an effort to prevent and if possible to eradicate the social issues surrounding the street children to create a just society, and share a few unexpected outcomes from the clinic, through photos, videos, slides, discussion on the issues, sharing ideas for better future program performance.

Session Material:

  1. Street Law

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