Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: Inculcating Public Service Responsibility Through CLE In Asia

Lead Presenter: Richard Grimes


  1. Anirban Chakraborty
  2. Rathna Koman

Session Abstract: Abstract Session 43 Stream 7 Inculcating public service responsibility through clinical legal education in Asia Presenters: Anirban Chakraborty and Rathna Koman; facilitated by Richard Grimes This session aims to examine the extent to which law school-based clinics and related activity can and should inform and support notions of professional responsibility and commitment to pro bono service. Using a set of case studies from South East Asia the scope and potential impact of clinical legal education in terms of developing student understanding and capacity for public service and actual service delivery will be explored. We intend to open up this discussion to see whether the experience of the presenters correlates with that of delegates attending this session. Where possible examples of ‘best practice’ will be highlighted and the identification of a road map for future progress may prove possible. Having set the scene by reference to their own case studies the presenters expect delegates to actively contribute to the discussions.

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