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Title: Legal Assistance To The Poor Foreigners Accused Of Crimes In The National Prisons

Lead Presenter: Ali Mahdi Ali Al-Alawi Barhmh



Session Abstract: Yemen, where there are a lot of refugees from the Horn of Africa, and from Arab countries and from different countries, all of them from those categories is covered under the auspices of the United Nations and of them not covered by international relief agreements with the Yemeni government. And none of them hold a legal resident of the Yemeni authorities. Exposed to many aspects of the problems and practice of begging, drug abuse and promotion, theft, murder, rape and others. And suffer from poverty, unemployment, because of the abuse and confinement and the waste of their legal rights. Nor find it helps them in the courts and public prosecutors, police stations and spend days and months and years in detention illegal and them to the provisions of the courts of first instance not find it gives them appeal memoranda or the Supreme Court, (eg vivid story .osrna through a field down to the central prison ( Mansoura prison) in Aden on two men and a woman were Mohammed Nasser and Mohammed Taher, and the life of Muhammad Ataobie sexual ruled the death a decade in 2008 of Sheikh Othman Court of First Instance on charges of crime of slavery. The declared their appeal of the ruling was restricted to the prosecution in prison and we found has gone up Now four years of the verdict and did not find them from offering them a broad appeal to the appeal court to maintain) this problem has made us think about all the insistence on the development of the judicial body help from our belief that a legally guaranteed right to a defense and the protection of human rights and humanitarian duty . Project Objectives:- . 1- Defend the rights of foreigners in front of the poor in general and police stations, courts, prosecution . . 2-The use of interpreters for foreigners non-Arabic speakers during the investigation and the court . . 3-Visit them in prison and alleviate worries and suffering . 4-Provide them help in some prisons, such as meals and sometimes clothing . 5-Their visit on special occasions and holidays 6-Statistical monitoring of foreigners in detention and imprisonment of the accused and the governed, and what types of. menhan crimes and analysis of the causes and motives 7-provide them with assistance and coordination with the competent authorities to return to their countries of origin after the end of the period Punishment.

Session Material:

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  3. Legal assistance to the poor foreigners accused of criminal cases in the national prisons

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