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Title: The Role Of Qualified Lawyers In Inspiring Ethical Junior Lawyers Through Pro Bono Supervision

Lead Presenter: Victoria Speed


  1. Lucy Wildig

Session Abstract: BPP University’s Pro Bono Centre runs several pro bono projects throughout the UK engaging undergraduate and postgraduate law students in delivering legal advice and education to their communities. Over 1500 students are engaged in one or more of 30 projects. All are supervised by legally qualified staff. BPP’s Pro Bono Centre therefore relies heavily on volunteer lawyers to supervise students. These lawyers are working in a variety of firms including international commercial firms. That they take time out of their working life to deliver a pro bono service is, we believe, helping with the aim of developing future pro-bono-minded graduates. In order to consider their motives further, we will conduct a survey asking questions such as: - Did you engage in pro bono as a law students - Did you engage in pro bono as a junior lawyer - What are your personal motives for engaging in pro bono - Do you believe you have an ethical responsibility to achieve greater access to justice? - Do you believe that through supervising students you are going some way to achieve this ethical responsibility? - Do you promote your activity amongst your peers? We will share the results of our survey which will improve understanding of how to engage qualified lawyers in your university's pro bono work.

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