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Title: Seeing Both Sides - Reflections On A Transactional Clinic Partnership To Enhance Students’ Learning Experiences

Lead Presenter: Elaine Campbell


  1. Patrick Cahill

Session Abstract: The clinical legal world is a collegiate one. We attend enhancement visits at institutions around the globe, share best practice, and distribute teaching materials. Yet, we rarely involve our students in collaborative clinical ventures. As clinicians at two very different transactional clinics situated at opposite ends of England, our challenge was to put students at the heart of a learning partnership between us. We devised a project where our students would see both sides of the clinical experience – as clients and legal advisors. qLegal students acted as client. They instructed Student Law Office students to advise on the registration of the qLegal trade mark. An integral part of the project was to allow the students to experience first-hand of another pro bono clinic. With that in mind, students travelled to each clinic, provided guided tours of their institution, and engaged in a dialogue with their advisors/clients about their clinical model. This paper will reflect on the project’s challenges and triumphs, both logistical and pedagogical. As befits the nature of the project, it will feature heavily the thoughts of the students involved. We will also look at how the project can be replicated by other clinicians, either as a real life or simulated scenario.

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