Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: Haiti’s First Law School Clinic: Proposing A Venue To Help Address Rule Of Law And Integrity Concerns

Lead Presenter: Kate Bloch



Session Abstract: Abstract Haiti’s First Law School Clinic: Proposing a Venue to Help Address Rule of Law and Integrity Concerns Concerns about corruption challenge the ability of Haiti’s justice system to support the rule of law.* This presentation explores the possibility of Haiti’s first law school clinic offering a venue to focus on systemic and professional integrity to help address such concerns. Construction for what we understand will be the first law school clinic in Haiti broke ground in March of 2014. Once fully operational, the clinic, Groupe de Recherche, d’Analyse et d’Assistance Légale (GRAALE), aims to provide legal representation for indigent community members, primarily individuals detained in the local prison and individuals who are survivors of sexual assault, as well as to furnish mediation services for the community. The clinic will run under the auspices of the law school in Jérémie, Haiti, L’École Supérieure Catholique de Droit de Jérémie. To support the clinic’s role as a venue to help address integrity and rule of law concerns, the presentation proposes greater law school curricular emphasis on legal ethics and systemic integrity topics as well as the development of a code of legal ethics for implementation in the clinic. Because the clinic is still in its formative stages, following a sharing of preliminary thoughts on these issues as developed in GRAALE’s evolution thus far, the presentation will seek to elicit the insights of clinicians around the world who may have confronted similar issues. We anticipate these insights will provide invaluable perspectives (and we hope concrete advice) for the fledgling GRAALE clinic. * Kate E. Bloch & Roxane Edmond-Dimanche, The Rule of Law and Ethical Integrity: Does Haiti Need a Code of Legal Ethics?, 37 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI’I L. REV. 1, 4-8 (2015).

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