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Title: Legal Clinics And Empirical Research On “Quality Of Life” Violations In Spain

Lead Presenter: Andres Gascon-Cuenca



Session Abstract: The scope of this paper is to present the results of a report done in 2014-15 by students of the Legal Clinic for Social Justice of the University of Valencia, in which the clinic students must research into certain felonies and misdemeanors which affect to so-called “quality of life” violations, to know if these behaviors stealthily target specific minorities living in Spain. Previous research that has been done regarding ethnic profiling by police officers in Spain (Garcia-Añon, Et. al., 2013), has shown that members from other ethnics groups are 8 times more likely of being stopped by police rather than members of the majority. This clear result of a disproportionated impact leads us to the next step of this research which is to know if this police behavior has also an impact in how police officers deal with the situations that were researched in the report. The areas in which they conducted the research was: Failure to obey the instructions of a police officer; Vandalism; Public disorder (drinking alcohol in public streets); Itinerant trade; Prostitution; Minor drug dealing/consuming; Obligation to provide an ID when required by a police officer; Public demonstrations; Gorrilas (beggars that help out people to park their cars and ask for charity); and people that look for food in dumpsters. The research work was divided into three levels: 1) legislation (international, EU level and national); 2) caselaw and commentators; 3) previous reports from NGOs and news. They had to work in these three fields, trying to obtain all information available. Finally, once the students had the information and working as a team they wrote down the report from a critical point of view, trying to establish whether there is a deviation in the law’s enforcing or not. I will also remark that the students tackled a sort of problems doing their work, like the lack of data available. Despite that, the outcomes are a good clinic report that may help in the construction of a strategic litigation case against these racist conducts, and a set of students that working in the Clinic realized that there are deviations in the application of the Law that should be challenged not only by the members of the groups that are targeted, but by the society as a whole. My objectives are to show: How the clinical project was developed. Which is the rol of tutors when students face up their first empirical research. How quality of life violations have a different impact in the Spanish society depending on the ethnic group the individual pertains to. the impact the outcomes had on the behaviors of the students as future law professionals (Lawyers, judges, public prosecutors, etc.).

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