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Title: The Rights Of Female Detainees To Legal Assistance In A Criminal Justice System: The Case Study Of A Thai Provincial Prison

Lead Presenter: Panarairat Srichaiyarat



Session Abstract: A research project initiated by an office of the Thai Ministry of Justice was conducted at a Thai provincial prison. The office aimed at providing legal knowledge and consultancy to female detainees at the prison, and collecting information on experiences of the detainees on criminal procedure to propose a rule assuring the rights of female detainees for assistance in criminal justice system. These aims were transformed into four research purposes: 1) to examine the awareness of female detainees on legal provisions and their rights in criminal procedure, 2) to gain in-depth information on the consequences of their awareness on their cases, 3) to investigate the need of female detainees on legal knowledge, and 4) to gain information for a proposal to end the recurred missteps in criminal justice system. This research project conducted by means of documentary research, focus group discussion, interview, case studies, and analysis. A variety of Clinical Legal Education (CLE) methodologies were employed as a means to gain in-depth information from the detainees. The findings of this research were that the awareness of female detainees on their rights and laws concerning criminal procedure was underprovided and led to negative effects on their cases, and that the missteps in criminal justice system occurred by all involving parties. These findings indicate that legal literacy programs for female detainees are essential, and some additional lawyer ethical standards should be issued. At the 8th GAJE conference, the researcher will present to the participants how legal illiteracy seriously affected the detainees, how Clinical Legal Education (CLE) methodologies were used in this research project, and what the research findings and recommendations are.

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