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Title: Legal Clinic Documentation (“Paper Work”): Best Experience (Practices) From Belarus, Poland And Russia

Lead Presenter: Yuliya Khvatsik


  1. Przemek Kubiak
  2. Timur Khazbiev

Session Abstract: In this interactive practical workshop presentation we will present and discuss the best Eastern European practices of Legal Clinic Documentation (“Paper work”). Importance of clinical documentation is obvious. A particular problem is that many documentation innovations it is just inside the Legal Clinic. At the same time the best experience can be used by foreign colleagues and adapted to local rules. Eastern Europe Legal Clinics have high standards of “paper work” and a considerable experience. But despite the proximity Polish, Russian and Belarus Legal Clinics have its own interesting peculiarities, the distinctive features. In the session, we will discuss different types and groups of Clinical Documentation. We will also explore Eastern European practices of Legal Clinic Documentation. Then we will use the session to work in small groups and explore various ideas to strengthen several types of universal Clinical Papers using international experience of the participants.

Session Material:

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