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Title: Studying And Fighting Against Discrimination In Prison. Role And Potential Of The Legal Clinic

Lead Presenter: Cecilia Blengino


  1. Michele Miravalle

Session Abstract: The frame of insecurity tends in many European countries to identify immigration and deviance as moral panics (Cohen, 1972) and the penal proceedings through selection processes tend to consolidate the idea of immigration as a “social problem” (Spector – Kitsuse 2001), binding it to the label of “deviance” or “criminality”. The consequence of this growing process of “criminalization of poverty” (Wacquant 1999) is that restricted people are predominantly poor, immigrants, whose needs are first of all connected to linguistic and social difficulties. In Italy - such as many EU prisons - immigrant inmates exceed 30% of total prison population (ICPS, 2014). Starting from the experience of the "Prison and Rights" law clinic in the University of Torino, our contribute aims to underline how legal clinic education may play a crucial role in promoting access to rights of foreign inmates. Students could realize how often immigrants in prison live in a double situation of exclusion: from the society and from the prison “community” (Clemmer,1958). Students realize that the walls of the prison can represent “social” and “cultural” barriers which prevent the implementation of rights, even when those rights are formally recognized. Moreover juridical system provide a set of formal rights even to foreign inmates that do not actually become “living law” for lack of users’ information or the "laziness" of public institutions that should work for the protection of those rights. This proposal aims to share both how learning students' experience can be improved through the meeting with foreing inmates and some of the activities that - arasing from their knew consciousness - students have organized to give effectivity to migrant inmates' fundamental rights. We also aim to share this experience to learn more by other legal clinics.

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