Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: India Chapter On New Initiatives And Innovations In Legal Education

Lead Presenter: Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay



Session Abstract: Integrating Legal Aid in Justice Education in Core Law Subjects (learning from Indian Experience) The study of law involves various spheres one of which is ‘legal aid and awareness’. The proposal hereby made advocates the inclusion of Legal Aid in the mainstream legal education curriculum. How to include legal aid and justice education in other subjects? Personal Experience: I made 240 students of Public Interest Lawyering conduct Gender sensitization workshop. The students were divided into 32 groups and each group conducted several workshops on the same. These workshops where conducted at various schools (both government and private schools), slums, rural areas, workplaces, small markets etc. The workshop generally lasted for 1-2 hours where the people were made aware of gender specific laws prevailing in the country. The workshop comprised of lectures, short plays and discussions. How were the students benefitted? • Students learnt to work in groups. • Each group had a group leader (rotation policy adopted) • Understanding the problems & ground realities • Communicating with different people. • Keeping oneself updated with various national and international laws. • Some students also went to the extent of facilitating people to procure legal remedy as required. • Numerous RTIs were also filed by different students How is my proposal different from the present Legal Aid studies? Almost every law school in India runs a legal aid and awareness cell comprising to students and teachers. These legal aid societies conduct workshops, awareness camps, symposiums etc., to back their purpose. The problem with these Legal aid societies is that they function on a part time basis, and their functioning is largely influenced by the course schedule. I hereby propose to include Legal Aid activities a part of almost all compulsory subject or, as a chapter in the curriculum not for the limited subjects for almost all subjects of law. BENEFITS : • Every law students will now be involved in the Legal Aid society. • Specific topic on Legal Aid (on various subjects) • Every student will have a specific subject to choose as per their interest. • Proper monitoring and screening of every student • The ambit of Legal Awareness initiatives will be broadened which previously revolved around subjects relating to human rights and fundamental rights. • With the inclusion of new courses, new activities will also be figured. Under this session, I also propose to discuss how law teachers can include experiential based/ activity based model of learning. In addition to this, I intend to present several models to integrate the subjects like Public Interest Lawyering, Criminal Law, Family Law, Environmental Law, and Human Rights etc. in Legal Aid; and make recommendations as to how this can be mentored and evaluated. With this session proposal, I intend to contribute to a new dimension to ‘Legal Aid and Justice Education’ by integrating them with all the customary courses.

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