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Title: Pigs Are Not Fattened By Being Weighed’ -So Why Assess Clinic- And Can We Defend Our Methods?

Lead Presenter: Carol Boothby



Session Abstract: For those clinics who assess their students, there can be a panoply of issues to consider. The nature of clinic means that the experience of students is non-standardised, not least in terms of workload. How can clinical teachers be sure that their assessment methods are valid and reliable? Drawing on our experience of clinic, together with a review of some the literature on assessment, both in the field of law and in comparable professional domains , this presentation will examine some of the debates around assessing clinic. Current assessment methods such as the use of grade descriptors will be explored . The value of professional judgement, and the richness of the clinical experience can be robustly defended – provided that we are aware of some of the pitfalls. Clinic could be seen as emulating the current concepts of best assessment practice, and this presentation will support clinicians in defending the value of the clinical experience within the curriculum.

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