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Title: Personal Involvement Of Students Of Law Clinics In Criminal Proceedings In Poland

Lead Presenter: Kamil Mamak



Session Abstract: Student legal clinics are one of the ways of training future lawyers, they are often the first opportunity to familiarize with the rules, on which the justice system is based and observing its functioning in practice. Students come in contact with clients for the first time, leading their cases, but the participation in these cases is, as a rule, indirect. They observe the proceedings and the influence of their work on the outcome of the case from the position of a viewer. This is due to the lack of completion of legal education and required permissions. However, there are situations in which students gain an active role in the proceedings becoming "real" lawyers with all its consequences. This occurs even in the sphere of criminal law, which interferes with an individual's life in the most crucial way. This issue will be concerned in this presentation. The first part of this presentation will present forms of functioning of law clinics, as well as basic principles on which legal advice is offered by these clinics. Subsequently, proceedings in which these rules partially do not apply and the role of the student becomes an active one (disciplinary proceedings and proceedings at the stage of enforcement of imprisonment) will be indicated. The third part of this presentation will identify risks that are related to this role of the student and ways to minimize them.

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