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Title: Teaching Legal Ethics In 21st Century

Lead Presenter: Tamas Barabas


  1. Dmitry Shabelnikov

Session Abstract: Summary: PILnet – The Global Network for Public Interest Law as an international human rights NGO collaborates with its national partners to bring closer law students to major law firms and Human Rights organizations in order to raise law students’ awareness on future professional ethical challenges. PILnet is highly concerned with issues of legal professional ethics which are, unfortunately, not widely taught at university level. That is why, in order to help instill a commitment to ethics in the next generation of young lawyers, PILnet, in cooperation with its local partners, offers an intense course on legal professional ethics. Through this initiative, PILnet brings together future lawyers and practicing professionals, who are eager to share their experiences, and provides young people with relevant knowledge and skills. The course covers a broad range of issues such as regulation of the legal profession, conflicts of interest, anti-corruption, corporate responsibility and pro bono. These topics are taught using a series of different teaching methods; from presentations and panel discussions to interactive exercises and role plays. The course is taught by university professors, lawyers from law firms, NGO representatives and other experts in the legal field. Law students must go through a highly competitive selection process before they can take part in the professional ethics course. PILnet assists with the organization of ethics courses in three countries: Hungary, Russia and Brazil. In Hungary, the course was held three times between 2013 and 2015 and in Russia the course ran 4 times between 2011 and 2014. The course in Brazil was held earlier in 2014. Lawyers are inevitably subject to high ethical standards and these courses, organized in these countries have highlighted the importance of knowing and following the required professional values. That is why the continuation of ethics courses is of such high importance. This point was emphasized by Dmitry Shabelnikov (PILnet Director for Russia): “Better understanding of professional responsibility by young lawyers is important for further development of legal community and the rule of law in a country”. The session aims to offer discussion and debate on the desirable role of commercial law firms, companies and human rights/advocacy NGOs in the university curriculum.

Session Material:

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