Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: Filling The Social Justice Gap: Using Large-Scale Simulations To Bring Theory And Practic Together When Teaching Social Justice Principles And Practice

Lead Presenter: Simon Rice



Session Abstract: Knowledge of doctrinal legal rules is not enough to enable actual social change. Students need the ability to apply their legal knowledge in ways that are effective in brining about change. This requires knowledge and skills in a range of strategic practices that are not usual among lawyers and are not usually taught as legal skills. This workshop is based on lessons learned from a semester-long simulation designed to enable law students to give practical effect to their knowledge of human rights law to redress human rights violations.

Session Material:

  1. GAJE Bridging the Gap

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