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Title: Changing From Simulation To Practice: Experience Of SWUST Legal Clinic

Lead Presenter: Cheng Hao



Session Abstract: Chinese clinical legal education is confronted with the confusion of too many students. Taking Southwest University of Science and Technology(SWUST) as the example, there are over 150 students who are required to study in the clinic every year, which results in in a long time after the building of the clinic, the teaching method of legal clinic has to make the class stimulation as the principal and only a small amount of students could get in touch with the true cases, which couldn’t realize the real target of clinical legal education. From 2013, SWUST Legal Clinic has carried out a series of teaching reform. Firstly, cooperating with the local legal aid institution, setting up the teaching team of the combination of the professional and part-time teachers and actively accepting the legal aid cases. Secondly, dividing the students of the clinic into different case-handling teams and accepting the true case being the form of a team. Thirdly, reforming the exam method, regulating the supervising procedure of the cases and strengthening the process monitor. Fourthly, differentiating the simulation course and practice course to construct a complete educational system of the jurisprudence practice. Through 2-years-endeavor, SWUST Legal Clinic has completed the changing from simulation to practice. In 2014, the real legal aid cases, which are handled by SWUST Legal Clinic, have exceeded 30 cases. During the process of handling cases, nearly 200 clinic students have acquired knowledge, technique and the understanding and respect to law profession.

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