Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title: Horizontal And Vertical Collaborations For Clinic Sustainability

Lead Presenter: Omoyemen Lucia Odibie-Emmanuel


  1. Ann Juergens
  2. Marguerite Angelari

Session Abstract: The role of clinics in justice education cannot be over emphasized. Clinics have ensured that communities have access to justice and that they have a voice in issues that concerns them. Clinical real live cases and case studies have also formed practical lessons for students learning and in developing their ethical values and skills. . However, without sustainability of clinics, clinical work done will always be wasted exercise both for institutions and communities. It has become imperative to explore and pursue the sustainability of law clinics in order to achieve real justice. Using interactive methods, this session shall explore the challenges associated with sustainability of clinics, to identify horizontal and vertical collaborations essential for clinic sustainability, to debate and generate ideas about how to build essential relations needed for sustaining our clinics and to actually build synergies for future action. Participants will also have an opportunity to undertake a self assessment exercise using a checklist provided

Session Material:

  1. OSI_Sustainability Tips

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