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Title: Training For Clinical Education – Example Of Student Legal Office, Faculty Of Law, Palacky University

Lead Presenter: Lucia Valentova


  1. Veronika Pochyla

Session Abstract: Life client clinic Students' law office represents the complex way of achieving practical education of law students through their studies at university together with strengthening the social dimension of law in their future practice. It is exactly because it provides irreplaceable opportunity for law students, that the focus on the preparation and assessment is of high importance. Training of law students begins when they apply for the clinic and it is carried out through the semester. The students are provided with skills assessment and training before the actual work starts in the introductory workshop, focused on the conditions of providing legal aid at the Students' law office and the work in the office, then they take part in weekend long workshop focusing on possible situations students may encounter while working at Students' law office and opportunity to try mock interview and drafting of legal advice together with discussion of ethical dimension of the legal practice and management of possible situations with psychologist. Throughout the semester all students meet regularly for a meeting where current problems are discussed but also for lectures and discussions with professionals on topics connected with their work in the clinic, either providing legal background and expertize to cases they are solving, discussing ethical problems or presenting new social issues in cooperation with Czech League of Human Rights. At the end of the weekend long workshop and each meeting students are provided with opportunity to evaluate the event using different methods from questionnaire to no formal requirements at all evaluation. Every step provides for opportunity to train legal skills, professionalism, attitude towards problematic issues as well as legal knowledge and awareness. After that students are encouraged to express their opinions and to participate on clinical education. In the session we will explain the methodology of work in our Students' law office from the beginning to the last day. We will explain the process of selecting students and we will provide detailed content of our workshops together with explanation of skills that are behind simulations and exercises and are required for successful work at Students' law office. We will use our materials to support our statements and we will share results of evaluation from our students

Session Material:

  1. Rules SLO
  2. Gaje_ppt_1
  3. Evaluation SLO

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