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Title: A Legal Clinic Experience In The Area Of Labour Law

Lead Presenter: Çağla Erdoğan



Session Abstract: gajIn 2014-2015 academic year, Ankara University Faculty of Law opened a course of legal clinics for the first time. The students in their fourth and last year were eligible to take this course. 120 students taking this course were divided into 12 groups studying different areas such as immigrants’ rights, prisoners’ rights or LGBTQ individuals’ rights were formed and the students worked with academic staff and professionals or volunteers working in these areas. One of the study groups were titled “Being a worker in Turkey” and was mainy focused on the health and safety of workers’, work place accidents and occupational diseases. The supervisors of this group were two research assistants working in the area of labour and social security law, an associate professor and a research assistant working in the area of legal philosophy and sociology. The team aimed to provide to provide a labour law and legal sociology perspective at the same time. As workplace accidents and deaths caused by these accidents occur in Turkey very frequently the students were familiar with problems and as they were also taking labour law at the same time they were also learning the labour law related terms and concepts. Therefore the clinic was focused on in depth analysis of main sectors where occupational accidents and diseases are seen most frequently. These sectors were the mining, contruction, dockyard, industy sectors where many workplace accidents take place and clothing and industry where working conditions cause occupational diseases. The students were asked to access case files of specific accidents where possible and meet the lawyers that work on these files and present their findings. Lawyers working on case files, the relatives of workers deceased because of workplace accidents were invited to class by students and meeting with an academic working on conditions of mine workers and with and labour unionist were arranged by the clinic academic team. During the study of these case files and general problems in the sectors, the term accident, the impacts of subcontracting and the problems in syndication and the role of the state in preventing the accidents and ensuring the health and safety of workers were also discussed. In this sessions we would like to share our experience and ask for opinions of the participants so we can further elaborate on our clinic studies in the upcoming years.

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