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Title: The Challenges Of Clinical Legal Education In Law Faculties At Arab Universities

Lead Presenter: Ahmed Abdelsabour Abdelkariem



Session Abstract: Legal clinics are an important tool for developing the legal education in law faculties at Arab universities, through a combination of theory and practice, rather than theoretical study that characterized the legal education in Arab universities for several decades. Since the establishment of the first legal clinic in the Arab world in Palestine at alquds University in 2006, Successively establishment of legal clinics in law faculties in Arab universities, now there are many legal clinics in law faculties at Arab universities, although it is still legal education in Arab universities are suffering from the same problems that he suffered before the establishment of legal clinics, at the same time the legal clinics are still ongoing, and each year is established more legal clinics, and the reason for the ineffectiveness of legal clinics due to a number of challenges that prevent legal clinics, in the faculties of law to achieve the objectives which it was created, in this article we will try to show the reality of legal clinics at Arab universities and the challenges that prevent them from performing their role, as well as the mechanisms overcome these challenges .

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