Conference Speaker Profile

Nattakan Chomputhong

Name: Nattakan Chomputhong

Professional Title: Legal trainer

Affiliation: BABSEA CLE

Country: Thailand

Title of Presentation(s):

  • The Intersection Of Pro Bono And Justice Education-The Asia Experience
  • The Need And Impact Of Teaching Legal Ethics /Pro Bono/Access To Justice/Professional Responsibility In Asia

Short Bio: Nattakan (Ann) holds a first class honours bachelor of law degree from Chiang Mai University and was involved in the CLE programs while she was a law student. Upon graduation, she became a legal fellow of BABSEA CLE Foundation and BABSEA CLE (volunteer). Now, having completed her time as a legal fellow of BABSEA CLE Foundation and BABSEA CLE, Ann works as a legal trainer. In this role her responsibilities include administrative and teaching support for clinic programs throughout South East Asia and providing training for those wishing to become clinical faculty members. She has been working with pro bono lawyers, law lecturers, professors, CLE trainers, clinicians, and students at an international and regional level in different projects. Ann is also a regional coordinator for the Legal Ethics, Pro Bono, Access to Justice, and Professional Responsibility Curriculum Development projet. She also opens up clinic spaces for addition students and strengthens and enlivens clinical programmes to build a solid foundation of clinical faculty members. These programmes serve to develop the training ground for new clinical faculty, who are making the transition from practice to clinical teaching as well as providing the opportunity for entry level candidates with the time and intellectual space to craft a scholarly agenda that is tied to and symbiotic with clinical teaching and service. Ann has the opportunity to reflect on these experiences, and possibly the prospect of being better positioned in the law school teaching market.

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