Conference Speaker Profile

Rachel Ann Dunn

Name: Rachel Ann Dunn

Professional Title: PhD Student

Affiliation: Northumbria University

Country: United Kingdom

Title of Presentation(s):

  • The Taxonomy Of Clinics: An Interactive Session Exploring The Risks And Realities Of All Forms Of CLE

Short Bio: I am a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Elaine Hall. My research focuses on the benefits clinical legal education for students in pedagogic institutions, particularly the skills this kind of learning can develop. To explore the evidence I have embarked upon empirical research, using a mixed methodology and various techniques to collect my data. This is a comparative study within Europe. Prior to starting my PhD I was a MLaw student at Northumbria, successfully passing my LLB and BPTC, called in 2013. My broader research interests include animal law, family law, constitutional law and research development and methods. During my time as an undergraduate at Northumbria I gave a paper with Richard Glancey at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference in 2012. This paper discussed my experience of legal policy clinic and how it can be used in legal education. I plan to give various papers and to be published this year.

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